A Little About Us

Distinguished Gentlemen is ran by a husband and wife team who want to see men in clothing other than sweats or gym shorts. HE, a former real estate broker and current senior pastor, desires men to look distinguished and prosperous. SHE, a former instructor at San Diego State and Sac State, desires to help men dress with a sense of style and confidence. 
If you are budget conscious, but want to look stylish, Distinguished Gentlemen is your place to shop!

Our Reason

I remember my dad saying, "A man should always be dressed and ready for anything when he leaves the house." Nowadays I see so many men dressed, but not ready for anything. We are here to help the average man find his sense of style, so that whenever he leaves the house, he is definitely ready for anything

Some men don't have any trouble matching up outfits and styling and profiling. But the majority of men do! We help you stay coordinated with "By the Color or Numbers." It's simple. Match any color or number (if listed) to a like item to create an ensemble to mix or match. With this system, a hair cut, shave, or properly trimmed beard, you cannot go wrong. Women will be all over you, and you will 'make 'em look twice.' If you need further help, sign up for our exclusive "We check you out before you go out" club, and we'll make sure you are good to go. SIGN UP for email notifications. We'll contact you when the project is up and running.

For Now: We are Open Online ONLY

We want to keep our customers safe.

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